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At CliniKids, we offer a program called Sib Support which is designed to support siblings of autistic children. The program focuses on supporting the sibling to understand autism better, as well as learn strategies to enhance their own wellbeing and resilience. Sib Support is facilitated by experienced psychologists.

Caring for a child with a developmental delay or autism can be both challenging and rewarding. It is important that carers in this situation prioritise their own wellbeing and practice self care so that they can continue to care for their child. The demands of life can often make this challenging but there are some simple ways to practice self care each day.

  • Keep yourself healthy by eating well, exercising and getting as much sleep as possible.
  • Create a support network. This can be your friends and family, but it may also include organisations within the community who can help.
  • Connect with others. As much as you can, try to maintain your relationships and connect with others in a similar position.
  • Seek support. If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are a range of support services available to help you.

Carers WA 


Beyond Blue


There are many community organisations who can support you and your family with:

Information about funding options and carer payments:

Support for you as a carer:

Opportunities for yourself and your child’s siblings to connect with others in a similar position:

Recreation opportunities:

Evidence-based resources: To assist you with understanding how to best support your child, we have developed a range of resources. Additional helpful resources can be accessed through

Our research is available: We are committed to sharing our research with the community and we invite you to find out more about our research, current projects and publications.

Autism Awareness Australia has created a great online resource for families navigating a new autism diagnosis.

It even includes some informative videos featuring CliniKids Director, Professor Andrew Whitehouse.

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Support for families


Self care


Sibling support