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Research into practice

At Telethon Kids Institute, our vision is happy, healthy kids. As part of the Institute, our team at CliniKids are working to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder and/or developmental delay.

We want every child have access to the world’s best therapies so that they can reach their full potential. This is why our integrated team of world-class researchers and exceptional clinicians are putting research into practice.

Currently, it is estimated to take 15 years for research to be translated into clinical practice. At CliniKids, we find this unacceptable. Through collaboration, our team are working to close this gap and provide families access to the very best evidence-based therapies in the world as quickly as possible.


How we help

From our state-of-the-art clinic based in Subiaco, Western Australia, our team provide a range of clinical services for children aged under 9 years.

We cater to the needs of each child by providing holistic, individualised supports. Our clinicians work with parents and carers to find the best approach for their family.


What we research

Since 2009, our team have been working on improving the lives of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum through research.

Our research focusses on the following areas:

  • Young children showing developmental delay - We are interested in understanding the very early development of children with developmental disorders, and to support every baby to reach their full potential. We aim to do this by developing new ways of assisting brain development.
  • Children on the autism spectrum - We have a strong focus on better understanding what interventions work for child on the autism spectrum. Our aim is to find new ways to reduce the disability associated with autism.
  • Adolescent and adult outcomes - Our team is seeking to understanding more about the experiences of individuals on the autism spectrum during adolescence and adulthood. Our aim is to understand more about the early life factors that may lead to more positive outcomes later in life.
  • Autism policy - We are committed to working with Government to support the development of timely, equitable and meaningful policy relevant to the autism community in Australia.
  • Biological markers of autism - Our team is seeking to understand more about the biological pathways that may lead to autism. Our aim is to use the knowledge gained from these studies to develop new therapies that may help reduce the disability associated with autism.


We want to share our knowledge to help every child

We do this by sharing our research and by providing the community opportunities to be involved in research.

Our team are bringing Australian first therapies to WA to help educate the community. Throughout the year we provide training opportunities for allied health professionals and our clinicians run informative workshops for parents and carers, supporting them to best support their child.


We make research accessible

Our award winning 60 Second Science video series translates the latest research into an accessible format for the community.