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At CliniKids, the aim of Occupational Therapy is to assist each individual to become as independent as possible with everyday skills.

A child may benefit from Occupational Therapy if they have challenges in any of these areas:

  • Self-care skills e.g. dressing, undressing, toileting, eating meals, showering, sleep, brushing teeth
  • Fine motor skills e.g. handwriting, cutting, using fork and knife, threading beads, tying shoelaces, doing up buttons
  • Gross motor skills e.g. walking, running, skipping, kicking a ball, throwing and catching, sitting in a chair, riding a bike
  • Play and social skills
  • Visual motor skills required for reading and writing
  • Sensory processing e.g. being sensitive (avoiding) or being under responsive (seeking) to noise, smell, light, taste, touch and/ or movement
  • Emotional regulation and behaviour
  • Skills required for school participation e.g. attention, concentration, homework

Occupational Therapists work closely with the child and parents/ carers during the process which involves the use of standardised and non-standardised assessments, goal setting, intervention and ongoing review of progress.

Occupational Therapists also work in close collaboration with teachers and other health professionals. Occupational Therapists will often work directly with the child, individually or in a small group, to develop specific skills e.g. to improve handwriting. Occupational Therapists may also work closely with the parents to assist with skills at home e.g. around mealtimes or areas of self-care by upskilling the parents/ carers. Occupational Therapists may also make recommendations around changes in the environment e.g. adapt cutlery or seating to promote independence.

Autistic children can benefit from Occupational Therapy in many ways. For example, an Occupational Therapist can help understand the sensory challenges a child may experience and adapt the environment accordingly or an Occupational Therapist may work with a child to find calming activities to help with their self-regulation.

Our Occupational Therapists also deliver:

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100 Roberts Road, Subiaco

08 6319 1133

CliniKids (Joondalup)

Unit 51, 57 Joondalup Drive, Edgewater

08 6375 6375


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